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Talk with Sooyoung, from Korea

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Buddy the elf, what's your favourite color?
Stranger: blue
You: like the sky or like the ocean?
Stranger: like the ocean
You: oh, nice choice
Stranger: yeah ☺
You: so, wazzup?
Stranger: nothing special, you?
You: huh
You: i play chess
Stranger: really
Stranger: I think difficult
You: you find a way
You: asl?
Stranger: 16 f korea
You: oh, that's nice
You: im 15 m brazil
Stranger: wow
Stranger: another side
You: yeah, hahaha
You: so, what's your favourite food?
Stranger: Sushi
You: here we eat rice and beans
Stranger: good
You: but we do have a few places where they sell oriental food
Stranger: yeah cool, here don't have places with brazilian food
Stranger: :(
You: too bad
You: we have a dish thats called feijoada
You: its beans with meat
You: delicious
Stranger: I'm from seoul and you? which city in brazil?
You: a very small town, called itajuba
You: it has less than 90 thousand people
Stranger: wow
You: but i am about 4 hours away from são paulo
Stranger: hm, thats good
You: have you heard of it?
Stranger: são paulo yes
You: its very famous
Stranger: yeah I know
You: are there cherrie trees in korea?
Stranger: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
You: yes, both of them
Stranger: yes
You: and uh, do you like pokémon?
Stranger: pokémon is cool I like
You: i like it too
Stranger: do you like snsd?
You: what is it?
Stranger: Girls' generation
Stranger: its a band
Stranger: from korea
You: oh, no, never heard of it, sorry
Stranger: haha its ok
Stranger: do you like maradona?
You: well, no
You: he's from argentina, not brazil
You: haha
Stranger: haha ups
You: pelé and ronaldo are from brazil
You: do you like soccer?
Stranger: a little
Stranger: ronaldo and pelé isn't play currently
You: no, they don't
You: ronaldo retired recently
Stranger: I love pato
You: oh, hahaha
You: thats nice
Stranger: thats a good player very good can u mean?
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: you know that I mean
Stranger: hahaha
You: yeah, he's good
You: i don't really like soccer
You: but i watch it sometimes
You: did you know that pato means duck?
Stranger: ha really?
You: yeah
Stranger: thats funny
You: the is also a player called ganso, which means goose
Stranger: thats a zoo brazilian soccer
Stranger: hahaha
You: hahaha
You: everyone here has nicknames
You: i mean, the soccer players
You: and if they don't have nicknames, it's because their name is very weird
Stranger: hm, thats cool your nicknames is animals?
Stranger: are animals?
You: oh, no
You: i mean, the soccer players have nicknames
You: i don't have a nickname
You: you are cool
You: what is your name?
Stranger: My name is sooyoung
Stranger: and yours?
You: Mateus
Stranger: oh thats a diferent name
You: so is yours, haha
Stranger: hahahaha
You: do you have an e-mail address or something
You: so we can talk?
Stranger: oh
Stranger: thats the truth begin appear
You: (its ok if you don't want to)
Stranger: thanks
You: all right then, haha
Stranger: korea is a fantastic country
Stranger: I love here
You: nice
You: i love brazil, too
You: it's a beautiful country
Stranger: yeah could be
You: do you travel often?
Stranger: yes
You: do you go to other countries, or not?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: japan china india france
Stranger: I wanna go usa
You: i have never been to the usa either
You: i usually travel to other cities from brazil
Stranger: yeah I know many cities here
Stranger: but brazil is so biiiiiig
You: yeah, right
Stranger: 364351643125 koreas
You: hahahaha
You: i could travel every day of my life and not know it all
You: haha
You: it's so strange
You: i bet my state is bigger than your country, lol
Stranger: haha, yeah korea is small but is divous (:
You: haha
You: you know, that's cool
You: you gotta love your contry
You: many people here don't like brazil, but they're stupid
Stranger: oh terrible people that dislike your own country
You: do you know people like that?
Stranger: no no thanks for god
Stranger: everyone likes korea here
You: that's very good
You: this patriotic feeling is very important
Stranger: yea
Stranger: I love everyone in my country
Stranger: the people, the music, the outfits, everything!
Stranger: hahaha
You: are there strong traditions there?
You: like the woman in the white make up
Stranger: no much
Stranger: just north korea
Stranger: hahahha
Stranger: north korea is tense
You: you are from the south korea, right?
Stranger: yes
You: in the last world cup, brazil played against north korea
You: and we owned them, haha
Stranger: really
Stranger: hahaha
You: what sports do you play?
Stranger: I play volley
Stranger: just
Stranger: I'm terrible playing
Stranger: hahahah
You: haha
You: i like to play basketball, and chess
You: is the chess from korea different from the ocidental chess?
Stranger: hm, chess is a russian game
Stranger: then oriental
Stranger: hahahaha
You: russian, really?
Stranger: yes
You: i heard people say it was from india, or from china
You: never heard that it originated in russia
Stranger: haha
Stranger: but it is
You: interesting
You: do you like chess?
Stranger: I'm terrible, just checkers
Stranger: hahaha
You: i don't like checkers much, but its nice
You: do you play tic tac toe?
Stranger: hahaha when I'm in boredom
Stranger: here we call old game
You: he we call old game too!
You: or game of the old lady, haha
Stranger: hashahaha
Stranger: yeah
You: haha, that's nice
You: what about school?
You: are you on your vacations?
Stranger: 3rd grade in high school
Stranger: yea
You: im on the 1st grade in high school
You: did you jump a year, by any chance?
Stranger: no no
Stranger: I started 1st grade with 6 years old
You: interesting
You: the school system is very different
You: i think, haha
Stranger: yeah?
Stranger: how's like there?
You: we have a few grades for the kids, from 3 to 6 years old
You: no, it's not so different. i entered first grade when i was 6 too
You: we have nine grades, then we enter high school
Stranger: oh
Stranger: nine grades?
Stranger: :O
Stranger: here is 8
You: but the high school is usually in the same school
You: how many grades are there?
Stranger: 8 grades until high school
You: it used to be like this, until a few years ago
You: it changed recently
You: we had a "before-school" grade, which became the first grade
You: and the first became the second, the second became the third...
Stranger: hm interesting
You: before the age of 6, did you go to any kind of school?
You: or did you stayed at home?
Stranger: yes
You: (which one?)
Stranger: oh heres we go to primary
You: oh
You: then its pretty much the same
You: what are your favourite subjects?
Stranger: childhood garden
You: what do you learn in it?
Stranger: I don't remember
Stranger: hahahahah
You: hahaha
Stranger: we learn the hangul
You: what's that?
Stranger: korean alphabet
You: that was my guess, haha
You: you know, in portuguese we don't have the letters k, y or w.
Stranger: :O
You: only for names
Stranger: in korean we don't have abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
You: hahaha
Stranger: hahhahaha
You: may i ask how your keyboard is?
Stranger: I have two keyboards
Stranger: one for english and another for hangul letters
You: oh, interesting
You: do they stay next to each other?
Stranger: yes
You: interesting
You: the only differences in the brazilian keyboard is that there is the letter ç
You: and the accents (ã á â) are easier to type
Stranger: cedilla
Stranger: ?
You: cedilha, yes
You: cê cedilha
Stranger: in french have too
You: oh yeah
You: in french, one word can have two accents, right?
Stranger: yeah
You: in portuguese, only one per word
You: but nowadays, what are your favourite school subjects?
You: like science, math, biology...
Stranger: hm, I like chemistry
You: i like math
You: do you have any pets?
Stranger: math is good too
Stranger: I have two dogs and two cats
You: wow
You: i have none
You: zero dogs and zero cats
You: do you live in a big house?
Stranger: a really big house
Stranger: hahah
You: haha
You: wow, it's 1:40 am here
You: i didn't realize it was so late
Stranger: here are 13:40
Stranger: 41 now
Stranger: ahahhaha
You: 42 here
You: exact opposites
Stranger: hahah
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: finish friend's day
You: here it is thursday, the 21st
You: and there?
Stranger: yeah the same
You: only i haven't slept yet
You: haha
Stranger: yeah I often go sleep at 2:30
You: i usually am already sleeping by this time
You: it's just nice talking to you
Stranger: me too :)
Stranger: 안녕
Stranger: byeee
Stranger: hahaha
You: good bye
You: tchau :D
You: boa noite = good night
Stranger: tchau
Stranger: or good evening
You: oh yeah, haha
You: boa tarde
You: ok, enjoy your day
Stranger: good morning for you!
Stranger: hgahgahha
You: it was really nice talking to you :D
You: good bye
Stranger: bye (:
You have disconnected.

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